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NTEX Limited

One of the leading companies in Scandinavia, NTEX is your trusted partner providing road, air and sea freight services to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and worldwide. ...

United Kingdom, Lincolnshire
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Byron Biochar

Byron Biochar makes quality biochar for soil and animal feed as well as being a merchant of other quality Australian made biochar & wood vinegar.Biochar is a fantastic so...

1,000.00$ /cubic meter

Australia, Australian Capital Territory
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 In order to harvest biomass, study to adapt the machine to conditions, design, custom manufacture. Technical instructions for operation on forest floor.   

Canada, Quebec
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Chips (dried 100%)

From recycling material, wood chips dried 10% moisture.The raw material come in many categories as the specifications of the client  

Canada, Quebec
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Wood Distillate

The Wood Distillate that we make is obtained from local vegetal forest essences by distillation of the wood’s physiological water, through the pyrolysis process.The pr...


Italy, Tuscany
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Pyro Data Analyser ( PDA)

Helps limits pressure,temperature, gas leaks etc in your process plants.WIFI based. Relays all data to your smartphone / mobile every 20 secs.


India, Maharashtra
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Bulk Biochar

We produce approximately 20 yards per day of biochar at our wood recycling facility in North Carolina.  It is available in bulk quantities for $65/cubic yard.


United States, Indiana
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Therser UK Ltd

UK’s largest industrial kiln and furnace manufacturers, the Thesers UK, also specialize in designing energy-efficient RTO’s (Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers), dryers, ...

United Kingdom, Staffordshire
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Seek Organic Bamboo Wood Vinegar


United States, California
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Fully automated carbonization plant

Plant capacity  3000-12000 t/year. The conversion typically 3(4):1. Cfix 90-98%. The produced biocoal can be used in a variety of industries.  Certified biocoal out ...

Austria, Austria
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SoilMatrix Biochar - by AirTerra

AirTerra sources its biochar from the forest products industry in British Columbia.   All prices are FOB McBride, BC.    SoilMatrix Biochar is pristine granula...

220.00$ /cubic meter

Canada, Alberta
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Biochar from virgin wood fiber

Biochar made from a mixture of hardwood and softwood at about 500°C using fast pyrolysisBiochar, fine particle size, ash content 6%, carbon content more than 75%, about ...

500.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
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Biochar from Softwood bark

Biochar in a fine powder form, ash content about 6%, 26 MJ/Kg, carbon content 72%, pH of about 7.0Contact GECA Environnement directly from Pyrolist for purchase or more...

300.00$ /yard

Canada, Quebec
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InstanChar Soil Rich

BIOCHAR Our products produced from Biomass Microwave Carbonizer (BMC), a highly efficient and environmental friendly system. We use latest clean technology fast pyr...


Malaysia, Selangor
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Biochar Chips from 7 to 10 mm - 210 gr/L

Especially suited as soil improver and restorative in agriculture and drainage layer in green roofs

3.40$ /L

Italy, Tuscany
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Briquetting System - SQR Pelletizer - PROTECHNIKA

Reduction in the volume and mass of solid waste is a crucial issue in regards to waste management. Our waste densification technology allows for the processing of a wide ...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Pyrolysis Carbon Black

No any modification. Contains steel impurities.Ash content 20-30%Up to 300 tons/month.

100.00$ /metric ton

Russian Federation, Permskiy krai
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Scientifically formulated Blends with Biochar

Formulated by PhD Soil Scientists, these Blends contain 10% high quality biochar. There is no soil in our Blends, only active microbial life and nutrients and additives f...

0.67$ /L

Canada, British Columbia
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Consulting, Training & Education in the Climate Smart Sector

Biochar Consulting (Canada), in collaboration with Energime University (New York) and soon also through Resilient World Institute's (RWI) School of Nature is offerin...

Canada, Ontario
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Web: www.simecpellet.comEmail: info@simecpellet.comThe continuous biomass pyrolysis laboratory apparatus is designed to test the pyrolysis process of different kinds of b...

China, Henan Province
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