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Fungal Infused Biochar

Product Description Fungal Infused Compost with Biochar has been conditioned by SymSoil for immediate use. This biochar has been blended with fungal foods, SymSoil’s w...


United States, California
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Symbiosys Business Solutions

br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}A bespoke airtime billing system can transform your business. SATbill offers a satellite airtime billing solution to help Satcom Service...

United Kingdom, Cheshire
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Pelletizing Technology

Process Development & Equipment to produce spherical pelletsMars Mineral (www.marsmineral.com) provides process development & equipment to turn powders into spherical pel...

United States, Pennsylvania
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Digital Marketing Consultant - Ryan Alford

The world has a plethora of technologies available to let their brand heard, but only a few know how to use them effectively. Ryan Alford is one of them. Running a succes...

United States, South Carolina
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OTR cutting machine

Hydraulic alligator-type knife is designed for cutting OTR to small pieces 15-30 kg weight. Machine consists of basement, high strength steel knives, hydraulic stati...

280,000.00$ /unit

Russian Federation, Permskiy krai
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Rogue Biochar

Carbon CharacteristicsHigh surface area and porosity for better sorption of a wide variety of substancesHigh carbon content and high carbon recalcitrance for greater stab...

149.99$ /yard

United States, Oregon
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Carbon Credit Marketing

NativeEnergy purchases and retails verified carbon emissions reduction credits in the U.S. and international markets.  We source from a variety of projects involving ren...

United States, Vermont
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Biochar from Softwood bark

Biochar in a fine powder form, ash content about 6%, 26 MJ/Kg, carbon content 72%, pH of about 7.0Contact GECA Environnement directly from Pyrolist for purchase or more...

300.00$ /yard

Canada, Quebec
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Bleaching agent for tire/plastic oil

Bleaching agent can make tire/plastic oil yellow and transparent and also reduce bad smell, sulfur and asphaltenes.Process: 1. Add sulfuric acid in oil and blend it. (1-...

15.00$ /L

Russian Federation, Permskiy krai
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Barbecue Charcoal In West Sussex,UK : Fourseasons Fuel

High quality English charcoal,British charcoal, Barbecue Charcoal or BBQ Charcoal in bags 3 to 5 kgs.

United Kingdom, Sussex
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Expert in Biochar

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} GECA helps you find the right biochar for your needs, the right market for your bio...

Canada, Quebec
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1 MW Containerized Pyrolysis Unit

The MASH Energy ME-P2C pyrolysis reactor is designed based on a simple idea: Create a flexible platform for feedstock pyrolysis that is at the same time modular and easy ...

Denmark, Copenhagen
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Biomass Controls Biogenic Refinery

The Biogenic Refinery is a thermal treatment solution using patented technology that destroys pathogens and provides nutrient rich biochar, heat and electricity. Thousand...

United States, Connecticut
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Web: www.simecpellet.comEmail: info@simecpellet.comThe continuous biomass pyrolysis laboratory apparatus is designed to test the pyrolysis process of different kinds of b...

China, Henan Province
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Automatic Biomass Pyrolysis Charcoal Furnace

Web: www.simecpellet.comEmail: info@simecpellet.comSIMEC Rotary Charcoal Furnace adopts Anaerobic Destructive Distillation technology. It is designed for continuous pyrol...

China, Henan Province
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FIBC ( Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers)

We offer FIBCs ( Super Sacks, Bulk Bags, Big Totes)  that are designed to hold an array of loose debris items such as Biochar, Bio Mass, Seeds, Aggregates and Chemicals....

United States, Alabama
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Knife Mills MV series - Protechnika

Designed for milling soft and hard plastics, copper cables, rubber and wood, our knife mills are characterized by their high efficiency, stability at work and the abili...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Grinding Mills MF Series - Protechnika

Designed for grinding plastics, our knife mills perfectly shred PP, PVC, rubber, PA, PET, wood and foil. The robust and reliable housing, and bearing lubrication syste...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Two Shaft Shredders - Protechnika

Our dual shaft shredders are dedicated for grinding large, hard-to-destroy items, such as car tires, appliances, pallets and other large plastic items. The indirect conne...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Briquetting System - SQR Pelletizer - PROTECHNIKA

Reduction in the volume and mass of solid waste is a crucial issue in regards to waste management. Our waste densification technology allows for the processing of a wide ...

Poland, Lubelskie
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