Boris Biochar Retort

We provide plans for a DIY biochar retort. This is a high efficient, low cost, household type retort kiln that can help produce biochar while cooking food safely. It oc...

Cameroon, Cameroon
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Conveying Systems - Protechnika

Conveying bulk material smoothly and efficiently demands versatile, reliable, environmentally-friendly conveying equipment that requires little routine maintenance.We ...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Magnetic Separator - Protechnika

Metal Contaminants Removal and Valuable Material Recovery Magnetic separators are designed to automatically separate iron from bulk materials transported on belt co...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Knife Mills MV series - Protechnika

Designed for milling soft and hard plastics, copper cables, rubber and wood, our knife mills are characterized by their high efficiency, stability at work and the abili...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Grinding Mills MF Series - Protechnika

Designed for grinding plastics, our knife mills perfectly shred PP, PVC, rubber, PA, PET, wood and foil. The robust and reliable housing, and bearing lubrication syste...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Two Shaft Shredders - Protechnika

Our dual shaft shredders are dedicated for grinding large, hard-to-destroy items, such as car tires, appliances, pallets and other large plastic items. The indirect conne...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Four Shaft Shredder - Protechnika

Our four-shaft shredder is designed for crushing thick-walled and hard materials. It is ideally suited for shredding all plastic waste as well as rubber, wood, metal sc...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Byron Biochar

Byron Biochar makes quality biochar for soil and animal feed as well as being a merchant of other quality Australian made biochar & wood vinegar.Biochar is a fantastic so...

1,000.00$ /cubic meter

Australia, Australian Capital Territory
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Briquetting System - SQR Pelletizer - PROTECHNIKA

Reduction in the volume and mass of solid waste is a crucial issue in regards to waste management. Our waste densification technology allows for the processing of a wide ...

Poland, Lubelskie
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Recycling and Waste Management (RWM) Exhibition

RWM is the UK’s largest trade show for recycling and waste management, providing the biggest platform for the latest innovations shaping the sustainability sector. For...

Canada, Quebec
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MSW Gasification to Energy

Proven gasification of MSW energy. Large commercial plants operating on medical waste, household rubbish and hazardous waste - 600tpd.Meets EU emissions,.

Australia, Victoria
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Rogue Biochar

Carbon CharacteristicsHigh surface area and porosity for better sorption of a wide variety of substancesHigh carbon content and high carbon recalcitrance for greater stab...

149.99$ /yard

United States, Oregon
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United States Biochar Initiative

A not-for-profit organization promoting the sustainable production and use of biochar through research, policy, technology and doing it!

United States, Oregon
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Reclaimed Carbon Black

Our unique carbon black reclamation facility processes end of life tires to reclaim its elements. Through a batch, patented process we provide some of the cleanest carbon...

United States, Kansas
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Pyrolitech Biochar

Produced in our retort, Pyrolitech Biochar is carbon negative. Pyrolitech produce Biochar and wood vinegar from sustainably sourced wood waste.

2.00$ /L

Australia, Queensland
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Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plant which convert waste tyre to oil and carbon black waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant we are manufacture of pyrolysis plant from China.pyrolysis plant can ...


China, henan
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CHAR+ BioChar

CHAR+ BioChar - Soil Amendment - 100% Organic, OMRI and CFIA listed and approved.CHAR+ BioChar - Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amendin...

750.00$ /yard

Canada, British Columbia
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High carbon content biochar from Québec, Canada

High carbon content biochar from Québec, Canada with a carbon level of 86% +/- 3% (CHNS analysis) with a microporosity of +/- 100 m2/g,  ideal soil enhancement product.

Canada, Quebec
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Pyrolysis plant / oil

We provide pyrolysis plants & consultancy for new / sick units. We also sell plastic pyrolysis oil / carbon black from plastic pyrolysis.Anaerobic gasification of waste p...

India, Madhya Pradesh
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Design and build of pyrolysis and gasification hardware

C.A.R.E. Ltd. has worked on pyrolysis and gasification since 1996 and has provided a range of services, applicable to many other gasification systems:Pyrolysis·    ...

United Kingdom, Co. Down
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