Pyrolist is proud to present its partners. 

GECA Environment logo

GECA Environnement: GECA Environnement, also known as GECA Design Inc, is a Canadian company based in Quebec providing all types of supports to companies and municipalities desiring developing a pyrolytic project, an expert support to those who wants to improve or develop new pyrolytic products or products made in part with pyrolytic products, R&D, who need referencing, and support to those that need to generate environmental reports relative to their production (i.e. green house gas emissions, carbon budget, soil and air quality, etc.).

Partner Associations

Australia New Zealand Biochar Initiative Incorporated (ANZBI): The ANZBI is a not for profit organisation inspired by the International Biochar Initiative. It is a collaborative group of growers, scientists, engineers and other stakeholders interested in advancing the understanding and application of viable Biochar systems both small scale and large scale. ANZBI delivers education, collaboration, networking and lobbying services to its members in Australia & New Zealand.