General questions about Pyrolist

Q. Why was Pyrolist created?

The pyrolysis industry is still very young and not yet as organized as other more mature industries. Pyrolist is born from a need for the pyrolysis industry to find buyers, sellers, producers and service providers of pyrolytic products. It is a gathering of stakeholders from around the world who want to find their clients, without having to hire sale representatives for relatively small-scale transactions.

Pyrolist is a service for selling and buying pyrolytic products such as biochar, pyrolytic oil and wood vinegar. We offer referencing to brokers and buyers for large transactions. 

We also accept products from torrefaction and gaseification. 

Pyrolist was created by GECA Environnement (http://geca-environnement.com) to help its clients to reach a variety of markets and allow consumers to pull the market.

Q. Why should I use Pyrolist?

Because sales and marketing are expensive, we wanted to help you reduce these costs. Pyrolist saves you time and money when developing your market locally or internationally. It is also a safer way to make business as it also provides services for banking transfer (Paypal).

Pyrolist is also designed to reduce the time, difficulty and effort spent by consumers searching for pyrolytic and related products. Otherwise, every body can spend a lot of time searching for potential producer of the product of interest!

Pyrolist can help reduce your sales and marketing costs and accelerate the development of your business. Pyrolist does promotion and marketing of its website and that, in turn, promotes your products and your markets.

Of course, you can advertise on other websites. But you will find your product and services submerged among all other types of products. This significantly decreases the chances for your clients to find you and also can result in a long and difficult journey to find the pyrolytic product and services you need. 

Pyrolist is an exchange platform available across the world to trade all types of products related to pyrolysis. 

Q. What type of products/services can I sell/buy on Pyrolist?

The products include char, biochar, carbon black, pyrolytic oil, wood vinegar, acetic acid from pyrolysis, ash from burning pyrolytic products and any new products made from these pyrolytic products. These new products may include horticultural substrates, soil amendment, animal feed and litter, water and air filters, ointments and cosmetics, contaminant and gas sorption products, anthracite replacement, plastics, construction materials, light concrete, to name a few… all kinds of products you can imagine that may contain char, wood vinegar or pyrolytic oil. Products such as char from torrefaction and gaseification are also welcome. 

You can sell equipment needed for pyrolytic production such as packaging system, loader, dryer, conveyor, cyclone, stack, lab equipment and so on.

You can also offer all types of services such as transportation, storage, analytical, custom brokerage, engineering, insurance, translation, financial, carbon credit and legal services, to name a few. 

Q. What type of transactions can I make on Pyrolist?

You can contact and inquire about buying products or services, but Pyrolist does not yet offer a direct method of purchase on the website. You can offer services as well. It all to be related to pyrolysis or closely related (gaseification, torrefaction). Purchases must be done between the buyer and seller and can't be completed on the Pyrolist website.

Q. Do I have to be a member of Pyrolist to us it?

You can search for products on Pyrolist without being a member. It will give you an overview of the available products and pricing, as well as services. However, for all other requirements and actions, you have to be a member. Take a look at member benefits to see how inexpensive it is to become member and how much benefits you get at such a low price.  

Q. What is the currency on Pyrolist?

All prices and fees are in USD. When you post, be very careful to you use the correct currency exchange rate.  Pyrolist does not calculate currency exchange rates. 

Q. In what languages is Pyrolist available?

Pyrolist is only in English. We ask members and non-members to use English as well in their communications. As Pyrolist grows, we hope to be able to provide other languages in the future. 

Q. Can I post on Pyrolist if I am looking for specific products or services?

No, you can’t. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to help you or to put you in contact with somebody that may be able to help you. 

General questions about pyrolysis and pyrolytic products

Q. What is pyrolysis?

We encourage you to read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrolysis for a general description of pyrolysis. Although we do not fully agree on all aspects of this listing, it gives you an idea about the process.

Q. What is biochar?

For a description of biochar, we suggest you to consult the International Biochar Initiative http://www.biochar-international.org/ where you will find all the information you need to understand biochar.

Q. What can I do with biochar?

For uses of biochar, we suggest you consult the International Biochar Initiative http://www.biochar-international.org/, and GECA Environnement websites http://www.geca-environnement.com/index.php?Lng=EN&.

Q. What is the difference between biochar, char, carbon black, black carbon, activated carbon? 

We invite you to look Wikipedia for these terms. Although we do not fully agree on all aspects, it gives you a general understanding of the different products.

Q. What is pyrolytic oil?

We invite you to look at this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrolysis_oil

Although we do not fully agree on all aspects presented in this listing, it gives you an idea about this product.

Q. What can I do with pyrolytic oil and wood vinegar?

We suggest you to consult the http://dns2.asia.edu.tw/~ysho/YSHO-English/1000 CE/PDF/Ene Sou18, 590.pdf for usage as an energy source. There are several other applications of pyrolysis oil such as for phenols, acetic acid, etc.

Q. What is wood vinegar?

Wood vinegar is also known as pyrolygneous acid or mokusaku.

We invite you to look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyroligneous_acid, https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/pyroligneous-acid.

Q. What can I do with wood vinegar?

It is used in a lot of applications such as health, human and animal healing, plant growth or herbicide depending on concentration, as compost acceleration, plant, fruit and flower aroma enhancement, wood protection, antibiotic, odour reduction, cleaning, etc.

Questions and answers about membership

Q. How do I become a member?

You click on Create an Account and you follow the steps. You will need a Paypal account. 

Q. How much does it cost to become a member?

It costs 200 USD /yr.

Q. What are the advantages of being a member?



- Read posts for selling

- Read posts for selling

- Search for products

- Search for products

- See advertisements

- See advertisements

- Access the blog and toolbox publications

- Post advertisements

- Contact buyers

- Contact sellers

- Post professional services

- Contact professionals

- Access to handy documents in the blog 

  and toolbox publications

- Access to technical support

- Subscription to Pyrolist e-newsletter

- Discount for selected Pyrolist activities

Q. Is my membership refundable?

No. It is non-refundable. 

Q. Can I have a list of the other members?

The rapid directory of Business members is linked at the bottom of every page. 

Questions and answers about selling a product or equipment on Pyrolist

Q. How many words and photos do I have for each product I want to sell?

You can use 5 photos for your products and 1 or 2 paragraphs to describe it. Be concise in your description, as buyers seek fast answers to their quest. However, it is important that you indicate the values of the general properties of your products.

Q. Can I put my website on the description of my product or my services (my post)?

No, you cannot put your website on your post. If you want to advertise, we encourage you to advertise through the standard Pyrolist advertisement system.

Q. My (short) description won't show after I submitted my listing, why is this happening?

Usually, the problem arises when you copy paste the text from a word (or other formatted) document. The formatting online is not the same as the one in word documents, and is not read properly by the program. You should either type it or copy paste it from a simple text program, such as NotePad.

Q. Can I sell different products on the same post?

No, you must publish a separate post for each product you have. 

You can post several products and increase your visibility. The only fee we collect is when you sell or if you want to promote your post.

Q. Can I make several posts for a same product?

No, we do not recommend, our controller will withdraw all duplicates. It is annoying to consumers.

Q. How much of a product can I sell?

You can sell as much as you want. But for large offers or orders, we strongly suggest you contact us so that we put you in contact with potentials buyers or providers or brokers. You can look in the toolbox to find a list of subjects to discuss between parties.

Q. Can I use different measurement units than those suggested on the site? 

No, you have to use international units, the units imposed on the Pyrolist site. 

Q. How long does my post remain on the site?

The default is 3 months. 

You have to pay to renew your post. You remove it whenever you want, but it is not refundable.

Q. Can I modify my post once on the site? 

Of course! You can access your account and modify your post as often as you want.

Q. How much does it cost to sell a product at a fixed price?

Regular price

Membership $200/yr

Top page advertisement $300/months

Bottom page advertisement $200/months

To pay your membership, features and advertisement, it has to be through Paypal. Paypal services charge their own fees:  about 2.9% in Canada, 3.7% in the USA, 3.9% elsewhere, and this may vary. For Paypal fees, you have to check on their website. Pyrolist does not take Paypal fees. Paypal take their fees directly during your transaction.

The seller must add handling, shipping, customs and other similar fees that should be clearly identified to the buyer before completing any transaction. The client pays COD. 

Q. Can I promote my post?

For promoting a post, you have several choices and the price depends upon the promotion level you select (top ad, highlight, urgent…). The price is always indicated upon selection and you will not be charged unless you confirm that selection. 

Q. Can I sell through an auction?

Not for now. It will be added in the future.

Q. Can I get refund for any of my posts?

No. It is non-refundable.

Q. How do I get paid?

The buyer and the seller must take agreement between them. Pyrolist does not provide payment system. If you choose Paypal, then both buyers and sellers must have a Paypal account.  Paypal transfers the money to your Paypal account from the buyer account. Paypal charges fees for each transaction (typically 2.9% in Canada, 3.7% in the USA, but it varies). You can choose other payment system online such as direct bank transfer or offline such as certified check or other methods.

Pyrolist is looking for payment options that are safe and known from most people to ease your transactions, but it is not ready yet.

Q. How long does it take for the money to be transferred to my account?

Paypal receives the notice and transfers to your bank. It is a Paypal time, usually less than an hour. 

Q.15. As a seller, how long do I have before I must ship the products?

You must ship as soon as possible. It is important that you send all shipping information to your consumer so that both of you can track the delivery.

Q. How do I know the address of my client?

You need to ask your client with the email service of Pyrolist. If you sell trough Paypal, you need to keep your Paypal account up to date.

Buyers, if you pay with Paypal, you must always keep your Paypal account up to date so that your emails are sent at the right place and the sellers can ship to the right address.

Q. How do we know the product reached its destination?

As you usually do, through the postal service or package delivery system you use. The seller must provide delivery information and tracking information to the buyer. 

The buyer can evaluate the seller, which includes an evaluation of its delivery time.

Questions and answers about offering a service on Pyrolist

Q. How much does it cost to offer a service?

For offering services, Pyrolist charges no fixed price. The service posts are the same price as product posts: free. You can offer all services related to the industry (ex: your company offers engineering and transportation services, these are services in 2 categories, this should be posted in 2 different categories on the website). You can withdraw your ad at any time.

Q. Can I be refund before the end of the 6 months?

No, purchases on Pyrolist regarding advertisements, memberships or featured listings are non-refundable

Q. Can I offer my services in different categories?

Of course! You must select the appropriate categories for your clients to easily find you.

Questions and answers about buying on Pyrolist

Q. How do I search for a product?

We want to ease your search. It is straightforward. Pyrolist has several sub-categories where you can search for specific products or services. You can scroll down the list or write the product you’re looking for. You can narrow your search by adding a price and selecting a country and using more options. 

Q. How do I keep track of my favourites?

In your account, you can see your favourites. They will remain there as long as the product is on the website. You can remove them whenever you want.

Q. How do I pay the seller of the product I am interested in?

You have to contact your seller and take an agreement with. The payment may be done through online and offline services. It is your choice. Pyrolist does not offer payment service.

Q. Can I pay using another method than PayPal?

You can take an agreement with the seller. You can use an offline method such as check or an online method such as Paypal, or direct banking transfer. We do not offer payment services right now, but Pyrolist is working on developing options for you. 

Q. How can I contact the person that does a transaction with me?

Through the Pyrolist website. 

Q. When do I pay?

Whenever you want after you have taken agreement with the seller. 

Questions and answers about advertising on Pyrolist

Q. Can I advertise on Pyrolist?

Of course! We encourage you to advertise on Pyrolist.

You have a choice between two areas on the web page: either under the heading with an ad as wide as the page and somewhat high, or at the bottom of the page with an ad as wide but smaller in height.

Q. How much does it cost to advertise on Pyrolist?

It costs 300 USD/month for as long as you want, with a minimum of 1 month for the larger area and 200 USD / month for the smaller one. 

Q. Can I be refunded if I stop the advertising before the end of the month?

No. It is non-refundable. Pyrolist offers monthly advertisement to allow you to adjust your publicity as you wish.

Q. What is the format for both advertising site on the top and end of the page?

The size of the upper strip (Top Ad) is 960 pixels wide x 180 pixels high and the ad is displayed for several seconds. It switches to another ad after several seconds. The duration depends upon the number of ads. 

The size of the lower strip (Bottom Ad) is 960 pixels wide x 90 pixels high and the ad is displayed for several seconds. 

Q. Can I put the advertisement myself?

No. You have to contact the info@pyrolyist.com. They will give you the information about the format, what you can and can’t put on, your choices and thy will put it for you. 

Q. How frequent will I see my advertisement on the screen?