Design and build of pyrolysis and gasification hardware

C.A.R.E. Ltd. has worked on pyrolysis and gasification since 1996 and has provided a range of services, applicable to many other gasification systems:Pyrolysis·    ...

United Kingdom, Co. Down
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Design department

ODE-engineering develops and modernizes equipment and production lines. Developed and launched thermolysis lines in France and Russia.

Belarus, Минская область
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Gathering, recovery, harvest biomass on forest floor

Biomass harvesting services; forest slash recovering services namely forest habitat restoration optimization

15.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
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Biopterre: Innovating with Nature

Innovation and technological transfert services to support industries

Canada, Quebec
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Engineering services to produce carbon based products

Global Process Group specializes in engineering services for the production of biocoal, biochar and carbon from cellulosed based feedstocks.

United States, South Carolina
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Fully automated carbonization plant

Produce quality biocoal and energy.

Austria, Austria
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Charbot X2 - BiocharCentral

Transportable / Scalable TLUD Pyrolyzer


United States, Georgia
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Carbon Credit Marketing

Purchaser and retailer of carbon emissions reduction credits for voluntary and compliance markets.

United States, Vermont
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Consulting, Training & Education in the Climate Smart Sector

Community Resilience & Regenerative community Education and Training services

Canada, Ontario
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Engineering Design and Consulting Services

Engsolve is an engineering solutions company with significant experience in undertaking engineering design and support, cost estimating and control, project management an...

United Kingdom, Glamorgan
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R&D expert on pyrolytic products

GECA is specialized in R&D relative to biochar and wood vinegar for vairous types of applications

Canada, Quebec
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Consultant in pyrolysis projects

GECA supports you during all steps of the pyrolytic project development

Canada, Quebec
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Expert in Biochar

Biochar markets, properties, production, development of designer biochar, etc.

Canada, Quebec
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