Scientifically formulated Blends with Biochar

Formulated by PhD Soil Scientists, these Blends contain 10% high quality biochar. There is no soil in our Blends, only active microbial life and nutrients and additives f...

0.67$ /L

Canada, British Columbia
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Very High Quality Biochar

High quality biochar in small particle form manufactured from clean forestry wood waste in British Columbia- BET Surface Area: (m2 g-1) - Carbon: 84%- pH: 8.55

2.00$ /kg

Canada, British Columbia
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Fungal Infused Biochar

Product Description Fungal Infused Compost with Biochar has been conditioned by SymSoil for immediate use. This biochar has been blended with fungal foods, SymSoil’s w...


United States, California
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CHAR+ BioChar

CHAR+ BioChar - Soil Amendment - 100% Organic, OMRI and CFIA listed and approved.CHAR+ BioChar - Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amendin...

Canada, British Columbia
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