Design department

ODE-engineering develops and modernizes equipment and production lines. Developed and launched thermolysis lines in France and Russia.

Belarus, Минская область
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BIOCHAR KILNS INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD is proud to reveal our latest biochar retort - the BKI REC BIOCHAR RETORT.

South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Pelletizing Technology

Process Development & Equipment to produce spherical pellets

United States, Pennsylvania
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Engineering services to produce carbon based products

Global Process Group specializes in engineering services for the production of biocoal, biochar and carbon from cellulosed based feedstocks.

United States, South Carolina
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Fully automated carbonization plant

Produce quality biocoal and energy.

Austria, Austria
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Charbot X2 - BiocharCentral

Transportable / Scalable TLUD Pyrolyzer


United States, Georgia
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Pyro Data Analyser ( PDA)

Pyrolysis Process Controller with all instrumentation. 


India, Maharashtra
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Pyrolysis plant B-10

Pyrolysis plant B-10 is designed for complex recycling of hydrocarbon-containing waste such as:- used tires (end life tires), rubber waste- plastic waste (except PVC and...

90,000.00$ /unit

Russian Federation, Permskiy krai
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