Organic Soil Science Biochar

Biochar made from Virginia White Pine; available raw or activated Competitive volume quotes available upon request. Free samples available upon reuqest.  Please send ...

United States, California
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Biochar from Slow Pyrolysis.

Biochar made from self-sustained slow pyrolysis. The biochar is derived from a coconut plantation in India and produced in The Netherlands. This is done through the effor...

0.35$ /kg

Netherlands, South Holland
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CHAR+ BioChar


Canada, British Columbia
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Byron Biochar

Byron Biochar makes quality biochar for soil and animal feed as well as being a merchant of other quality Australian made biochar & wood vinegar.Biochar is a fantastic so...

1,000.00$ /cubic meter

Australia, Australian Capital Territory
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Rogue Biochar

Carbon CharacteristicsHigh surface area and porosity for better sorption of a wide variety of substancesHigh carbon content and high carbon recalcitrance for greater stab...

149.99$ /yard

United States, Oregon
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United States Biochar Initiative

A not-for-profit organization promoting the sustainable production and use of biochar through research, policy, technology and doing it!

United States, Oregon
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Pyrolitech Biochar

Produced in our retort, Pyrolitech Biochar is carbon negative. Pyrolitech produce Biochar and wood vinegar from sustainably sourced wood waste.

2.00$ /L

Australia, Queensland
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CHAR+ BioChar

CHAR+ BioChar - Soil Amendment - 100% Organic, OMRI and CFIA listed and approved.CHAR+ BioChar - Created from natural raw wood sources, a multipurpose product for amendin...

Canada, British Columbia
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High carbon content biochar from Québec, Canada

High carbon content biochar from Québec, Canada with a carbon level of 86% +/- 3% (CHNS analysis) with a microporosity of +/- 100 m2/g,  ideal soil enhancement product.

Canada, Quebec
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Barbecue Charcoal In West Sussex,UK : Fourseasons Fuel

High quality English charcoal,British charcoal, Barbecue Charcoal or BBQ Charcoal in bags 3 to 5 kgs.

United Kingdom, Sussex
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InstanChar Soil Rich

BIOCHAR Our products produced from Biomass Microwave Carbonizer (BMC), a highly efficient and environmental friendly system. We use latest clean technology fast pyr...


Malaysia, Selangor
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Biochar Chips from 7 to 10 mm - 210 gr/L

Especially suited as soil improver and restorative in agriculture and drainage layer in green roofs

3.40$ /L

Italy, Tuscany
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Biochar Chips from 15 to 30 mm - 193 gr/L

Especially suited to be used as mulch, to drain the soil and to avoid rooting and technical substratum in urban green spaces and drainage layers in green roofs.

3.40$ /L

Italy, Tuscany
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Biopterre: Innovating with Nature

Our team is particularly interested in developing a range of pyrolysis bioproducts for horticultural and agricultural applications. We now offer specific expertise in: ...

Canada, Quebec
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CARBOFEX biochar EBC-certified

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225.00$ /cubic meter

Finland, Pirkanmaa
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Earthspring Biochar - Revitalize your soil.

Earthspring Biochar is a proprietary blend of 50% biochar, organic worm castings, and naturally occurring minerals.  Eartspring will revitalize your soils, giving plan...

United States, Georgia
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SoilMatrix Biochar - by AirTerra

AirTerra sources its biochar from the forest products industry in British Columbia.   All prices are FOB McBride, BC.    SoilMatrix Biochar is pristine granula...

220.00$ /cubic meter

Canada, Alberta
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Char from demolition wood

Biochar made from demolition wood using torrefaction at about 400°CBiochar, particle size vary from sawdust to powder, ash content  about 10%, carbon content more than ...

250.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
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Biochar from virgin wood fiber

Biochar made from a mixture of hardwood and softwood at about 500°C using fast pyrolysisBiochar, fine particle size, ash content 6%, carbon content more than 75%, about ...

500.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
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Biochar from virgin hardwood and bark

Biochar made from slow pyrolysis at about 500°C with maple wood and bark mixture, sieved at the desired size. Biochar, particle size can be from large chunks to powder,...

700.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
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