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About Pyrolist

1. Pyrolist – A Brief Description

Let's connect the actors of the pyrolysis industry

Wherever you are located, you have come to the right place!

Pyrolist is a website created to connect the actors of the pyrolysis industry. It is easy to use and helps you save time and money to find buyers, products and services. In short Pyrolist.com is THE ONLINE MARKET PLACE FOR ALL ACTORS OF THE PYROLYSIS INDUSTRY.

Indeed, since the pyrolysis industry is young, not yet well organized, it is difficult to find what you’re looking for, and because you’re numerous in this industry, we have decided to connect all of you together on a single website to support your development. Since torrefaction and gaseification generate similar products, we also welcome these businesses.

Through this website, you can sell as much as you want!

For large tonnage and volumes, or for long-term agreements, we are highly please you contact us and it will be our pleasure to refer you to brokers or buyers to meet your needs. Or, if you found your buyer on this website, then we can help you seal the deal!

For products, you can sell at a fixed price. A fee is charged only on your post. You can have as many transactions as you want on each post and it always cost the same, so the more you sell, the heaper it becomes per transactions!

Products include those resulting from the pyrolysis of biomasses, plastics, and tyres such a biocoal / char / biochar / black carbon / torrefied pellets, renewable oil, wood vinegar and so on. It also refers to derived products such as potting soils, pet food, animal litter, plastic, concrete containing biochar; or biopesticides, antibiotics, cosmetics made with wood vinegar for example. You can sell equipment for the industry such as loader, conveyor, packaging, lab equipment and offer services such as brokerage, insurances, transport, carbon market, lab analyses, customs services related to the pyrolysis industry.

You, as buyers, can view the advertisements and select the product you want. You must subscribe as a member to sell, post services and advertise and buy.

On Pyrolist.com, we also provide different documents to help you with regular problems we have n the industry such as laws, rules and regulations, international certification, packaging, transportation, types of information that is not easy to find on the internet and standard references. We encourage all of you to send us this type of information for your country or your continent (Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and so on) so that we can share with all of you.

We encourage you also to send us any important news that may be helpful for the pyrolysis industry. New international laws, new tendency, important transactions that should be known to all of us, international conferences, etc. so that we can share on the website.

2. About Us

Pyrolist.com is a website created by GECA Environnement to help you develop your business.

Indeed, because it is difficult and costly for you to find the pyrolytic products you want to buy, or it is difficult to find the buyers for your pyrolytic product, we have decided to connect all of you together through a single website to support your development as well as the pyrolysis industry.

Pyrolist is one of the several services offered by GECA Environnement (http://geca-environnement.com), services that include consulting/expert work on any kind of pyrolysis projects for the development of industrial symbiosis, strategic planning, evaluation/selection of technologies, project development and management. Our expertise also includes marketing, analysis and interpretation of pyrolytic products, in addition to referencing. 

For you who want to develop new products or improve your existing products, we can assist you with R&D strategic planning, product development, scientific advices, laboratory planning, design, training and grant application. Once in production, we also work in close collaboration with you in estimating and writing reports on your carbon budget, and GHG budget. 

Our role at GECA Environnement is to contribute to waste reduction by helping you recycle the “non-recyclable”, reduce your environmental footprint and allowing your business to thrive by offering green economic opportunities and solutions. At GECA Environnement, we believe that pyrolysis is an excellent way to recycle hard-to-reuse by-products, and we want to help you accomplish this goal in part by market development.

GECA was founded based on 25 years of R&D experience in environment, 15 of which were specifically on biochar and pyrolysis. 

We hope this new service Pyrolist.com provided by GECA Environnement will help you thrive in the green economy through the pyrolysis industry (we also includes products of torrefaction and gasification because of their likeness with those from pyrolysis)!