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Canada, Quebec
Sold by GECA (1 )


Biochar from virgin hardwood and bark

Made from slow pyrolysis at 500°C

700.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
Sold by GECA (1 )


Biochar from Softwood bark

Made from fast pyrolysis at 500°C

300.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
Sold by GECA (1 )


Single shaft, Twin shaft Four shaft shredders

Full range of recycling tech for sorting, separation and size reduction

United Kingdom, Yorkshire
Sold by Donasonic (0)


SoilMatrix Biochar - by AirTerra

biochar made @: 450-700, 80% carbon or greater, 8% ash or lessCFIA registered since December 2015

220.00$ /cubic meter

Canada, Alberta
Sold by AirTerra (0)


Biochar from virgin wood fiber

From fast pyrolysis at about 500°C

500.00$ /metric ton

Canada, Quebec
Sold by GECA (1 )


Reclaimed Carbon Black

Our unique carbon black reclamation facility processes end of life tires to reclaim its elements. Through a batch, patented process we provide some of the cleanest carbon...

United States, Kansas
Sold by Blizzard (0)


Pyrolitech Biochar

Pyrolitech produce Biochar and wood vinegar from sustainably sourced wood waste.

2.00$ /L

Australia, Queensland
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Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plant which convert waste tyre to oil and carbon black 


China, henan
Sold by sunnypeony (0)


CHAR+ BioChar

Soil Amendment

750.00$ /yard

Canada, British Columbia
Sold by kbowman1 (0)


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